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Climate Benchmark is a suite of data science tools, helping manage the emissions of housing assets.

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Thermal Houses
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We will not meet our targets for emissions reduction without near complete decarbonisation of the housing stock.
Thermal Houses
— Climate Change Committee


Energy use in homes accounts for one-fifth of UK emissions

The first index measuring the performance of housing assets against the Paris Climate Agreement

Spend less time reconciling data and more time acting on insights

Climate Benchmark indices and data science tools are helping prepare businesses for mandatory climate-related disclosure standards, and achieve emissions reduction goals.

100 +

Metrics generated for every portfolio.

365 days

Calculated daily for granularity.

12 +

Years of historical data for trend analysis.

£20 bn +

Portfolios currently under analysis.

Manage the performance of housing portfolios with clarity

Until now a thorough understanding of housing emissions meant navigating incomplete and inconsistent data. Climate Benchmark solves this problem using scientific methods, data science and machine learning techniques.

Easily access performance metrics for all your housing assets, presented in a reportable format ready for completing climate-related disclosures.

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